Saturday, January 13, 2018

Happy Birthday, James!!!

This little cutie's first year went by way to fast!
We are so thankful this little bundle of energy joined our family a year ago!!!
 Happy 1st birthday to my jolly little army you, James!!!!! 😍

Christmas letter 2017

Dear friends and family,
I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed 2017! Ours was very busy and a bit stressful, but God has been faithful and carried us through it.
As a family, things we enjoy would include rides in Sam’s truck down country roads, going out for picnics at the park, going out for ice cream at Braum’s, road trips, hanging out at the Fire Station fixing trucks or watching football games, piling on the bed and watching a movie or reading books, and so many other things I can’t think of. Pretty much anything is fun if we can do together!
Sam still works at L-3 in Greenville, and as of this October is the Chief on the Campbell Volunteer Fire Department. He has been able to do several training classes this year, the most memorable being when they got to burn a whole house down with the Cash Fire Department. He has spent countless hours fixing the brush trucks and he also spend several weeks switching his own truck from a single axle regular bed to a dually flat bed.
Esther still works doing book keeping for Windy Meadows and has also started helping do the books for a ministry called Minority Care International. Check them out, they do a great work in the Philippines working with college students.  And of course, keeping up with the house and three kiddos keeps me on my toes. 😊
Emma will be turning 4 in March, and her favorite things to do include playing with her friends, looking at books, drawing, playing outside and helping Mommy with pretty much whatever I’m doing.
Corrie is 2 ½ and has really turned from a toddler to a little girl this year. She is a busy little bee and has to do everything Emma and Mommy does. She loves drawing and playing outside, as well as looking at books and taking good care of her doll.
James will be 1 on Jan 9th and is definitely an eager beaver! Crawling at 5 months, pulling up at 6, and walking at 10, he keeps us on our toes, but is always smiling and laughing and is a real joy! He loves chewing on whatever he can get his hands on, climbing on everything, and is enjoying experimenting with ‘grown up’ food.
We love each and every one of you and hope you all have a wonderful Christmas season and a very blessed and happy 2018!!!
Lots of Love,
Samuel, Esther, Emma, Corrie and James Schatte

And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding,
shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” Phil 4:7

Samuel: (469)288-1613
Esther: (903)274-5713
7996 County Road 4209 Campbell, TX 75422

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Black and White Photo Challenge

Did this on Facebook and Instagram and thought I'd share it here as well








Smattering of pictures from the last few months...

Helping put together the mail-out for the Campbell Vol. Fire Department

Emma helped stack this Gatorade that got donated to the Department

Sam and I at a house that someone donated to the Cash Fire department to do training in and burn and Cash let the Campbell guys come and train with them...and me and the kiddos were able to watch from a safe distance! :)
They spend two days just setting a hay bale in a room on fire, and then different teams would go in and put in out, save a dummy victim and come out, and then Saturday afternoon they just let in burn. 

Training going in and running command

It was pretty amazing how fast it went up once they stopped training and let it burn

And for those wondering, this was perfectly safe and legal. The house had been deemed unsafe to live in, and would have had to be bulldozed anyway. The homeowner got all the permissions he needed from the city and county and they had stripped all the insulation and other nonburnables out of the house before they lit it up. And both the Cash and Campbell guys greatly benefited and were very grateful from the training they were able to get. 

 Got to attend Molly and Eirk's wedding

Sam took me out on the dance floor at M&E's wedding and Abigail snapped this pic of us <3

We got a kitty that someone dumped at Daniel and Deborah's house

We met Daniel and Deborah and Amanda and Russel in Mineola for supper one evening and then walked around downtown and the girls got to get on a caboose, which was quite exciting for them because one of their favorite books is "The Little Red Caboose"

Watching the Greenville fireworks show with these peoples

The girls enjoyed the free ice cream at the Campbell Fireworks stand show

This cutie grew out of his bedside bassinet and into a pack'n'play

We take lots of walks to go get the mail when it's nice out

Fire Department got a new sign

Game night at the Schattes

Cook out at the staion
Pleas, Marcus and Zak

Reading with Papa Bear

We spent a lot of time in the pool this summer as well :)

Matching kiddos

It's such a joy to teach your children something you know they'll use the rest of their how to turn a shirt right-side-out :)

Mrs. Hutchins and Mommy reading to their granddaughters 

all of us snuggling on the couch

new shirt......

bible stories before bed <3

the girls LOVE playing with my shoes....

these overalls.....I was so sad when he outgrew them

Reading with Ima

After a big rain, we went puddle hunting

new little cousin, Caitlyn Ann Hale!

We went on a road trip with our trailer in August that ended up being quite the adventure. The truck had issues and we ended up having to leave it and the trailer in TN for 3 weeks while the truck got fixed and we lived in the add-on at my parents in the meantime

James at a rest stop in PA

Walks with friends

Emma 'doing' Corrie's hair

Surely no one else has had this happen to them.....

Went with the guys to be on call at the high school football game
Sam and Marcus, who and few months later would become the new Chief and Assistant Chief of the Department :)

play hard, sleep hard

there is something about little boys in plaid shirts.....

Aunt Esther put him to sleep at Ruth's shower

Looked out one morning and they were being so sweet and cute sitting out by the flower beds....not 30 seconds after I snapped this picture, Corrie started screaming bloody murder.....turns out she was sitting in a fire ant mound.....poor baby won't go near the flower bed any more

Morning devotions and coffee <3

Sometimes, we jump in the car and go see the horses down our road

playing in the dirt and building immune systems

Mark and Hillary had us over for a lovely hot dog and marshmallow roast

James and I got to go to Oklahoma for the weekend with the Oglesby ladies for a friends wedding. Unfortunately I didn't get any pics at the wedding because my phone battery died

We met Aunt Rach up the the Dallas Heritage village for a fun outing

For my brother David's birthday, we all went to a TAMUC football game

Corrie loved it way more than I thought she would

Me and my handsome man!!! <3

Emma and Caitlyn

James and I

We went to a fall festival at Texas Bee Supply in Blue Ridge

Katie, Emma and Corrie were matching at church, so we had to take a picture

After an incredibly crazy summer at work with tons of overtime, Sam wanted to have a family evening, so we had a picnic dinner at the park one evening, which the kiddos LOVED

and we went to Braums afterwards for ice cream

cooler fall weather means more playing outside

I've been able to work more from home, which has been exciting and a bit challenging, but I love it!

eating a picnic lunch on a beautiful morning

cooler weather also means I can bring the crock pit out more

Sunday afternoon walk

For thanksgiving the Schattes and Benners spent the weekend at a cabin in Broken Bow, OK

The kiddos eating lunch

Sam and I on a miniature train ride

Danny, Emma, Del, Bekah, Corrie, Steven and Andrew on the train

Rach, Sam and I went on a trail ride with Mel and Alex

Emma and Corrie rode ponies

This was really the first time James got to spend time with his Uncle Steven, and I think they got along really well! :)

Aunt Rach coloring with Del and Emma

I try to instill a love of book in my kiddos at an early age

Emma and I at a fun outing at the Heard Museum in McKinney

James is now walking and getting into things just as fast as he this case he snitched an apple out of the fridge and was so pleased with himself!

Putting up some Christmas lights around always make it more cheerful