Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Some news....

Emma has a new shirt! :)

Baby is due sometime around June 9th!!!

Please pray for me as this is a new adjustment, and I have been very tired lately. 

Thank you!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Emma's Birthday...and the few weeks afterwards... :)

So a few people have asked for Emma's birth story, so I though I'd post it with a few pictures... :)

She was born Friday, March 14th....at 41 weeks along.
I got a really good night's sleep the night before, which was a huge blessing! I got up at 6 to get Samuel off to work then I went back to sleep til about 9:30. I was checking my email, when the first contraction hit about 10. I had had a couple of episodes of practice contractions Wednesday and Thursday on and off, but this one was much stronger! I looked at the clock so I could start timing, and got up to make myself some breakfast. I clocked them for about an hour, and they were regularly about 5 minutes apart. I called Rene'e, our midwife and texted Sam to let them know. Rene'e  got there about 12:30 and checked me and I was dilated to a 2cm. So I called Samuel and Mommy  to tell them this was for real, and they both got there about 2.

This was taken about 3 or 4 I think...between contractions

at some point Rene'e checked me again and I was at at 6cm.

This was taken about 5 or 6. I started feeling the urge to push. Rene'e checked me and I was 9.5cm.

I pushed for about an hour, and at 6:56pm, our little beauty was born into the word!!!
Her Daddy was able to 'catch' her, which was a awesome experience for both of us!

There was meconium in the water, and she had swallowed a bit, but some back thumping, coughing, and a saltwater bath, and she was all good! 

After her first meal, Sam weighed her, and it said 3.3....then Rene'e realized it was on Kilograms instead of pounds! :)


Such cute little toes!!!

After did all the stats, I was going to get up and Emma and I were going to take an herb bath together...just one problem, I kept fainting every time I tried to get out of bed. I had lost a lot of blood during the birth, and was low on fluids. Brittany hooked me up to to an IV, and they ran two bags of fluid in me, and put me on oxygen for a while. I think it was 2am before things settled down and we got to bed...when I was very grateful for the good night's rest the night before!

The next day, after sleeping in and getting some rest, most of the family came to meet the new member!

A very happy Daddy! :)

Our first family picture together! :)

Aunt Rachel

Uncle Andrew

Aunt Rebekah....Bek's first time as an Aunt! :)

Danny meeting his cousin! :)

Rebekah and Samuel holding each other's babies

Danny was to tickled about Emma

Aunt Faith



Aunt Sarah

Aunt Esther

Opening a gift from Grammie

Can't wait for her to be big enough to wear these!

Aunt Lizzy

Uncle Steven...first time as an Uncle! :)

A very happy Papa Bear

Mama time! :D

Us... :)


Aunt Hannah

Uncle Daniel

Uncle Peter


Uncle Andrew

sleepy girl!

Bobby meeting his cousin :)

Aunt Amy

Bobby  likes her, but he wasn't quite sure what to think of his mommy holding another baby...you better get used to it buddy, your brother coming in August! :)

the boys decided that Samuel had worked hard enough during the birth, he deserved a back rub! 
And he did!!! I couldn't have done it without him right there with me. Encouraging me, and helping me relax during contractions. :)

Mark and Hillary dropped in to visit...just two more days before Katie makes her grand entrance!

Daddy-Daughter moment

At her 3 day appointment - Rene'e cutting the clip off of her cord. 

With our wonderful midwife, Rene'e Stewart...I would highly recommend her to anyone!!! 

Ima was there for the birth, and got to stay for four days after Emma was born

Three generations! 

A few days later, Emma met her Uncle Jack, Aunt Rachel and cousins, Anna and Bella

Bella was quite excited about her!

Anna would get worried when Emma's passy fell out... :)

Aunt Lizzy


Daddy and Emma have a special bond! :)

Ruth came for a visit!

Meeting her Great Great Uncle Frank! not very many people get to do that!

Emma sleeping in the cradle that my father made for us when we were little! :)

This is the midwife that delivered me, Rosemarie! :)

Her smiles just melt my heart!!!!