Saturday, April 5, 2014

please consider helping!!!

Some very dear friends of ours, the Hutchins had some major damage to both several barns and thier house in the tornado that hit north Greenville Thursday night.You can donate towards them by going to: Three of the Hutchin brothers were in our wedding, and Mr. Hutchins did our ceremony, and is an elder at our church. Samuel has been in two of their weddings, and we've known them since I was just a few months old....very dear friends to say the least! We're going over there today to help with some of the clean up/recovery.

Friday, March 28, 2014


Emma Elizabeth Schatte!!!

Born March 14th at 6:56pm
7 pounds, 9 ounces
20 1/8 inches long

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Pregnancy update...

Here I am at 38 weeks getting ready to go out on a date with Samuel! :)
My midwife thinks that I either have a small baby, or that I may be more like 36-37 weeks...we'll just have to wait and see when this little one wants to make his or her appearance! 

Aaaannnnddddd, Bobby, our nephew has some very exciting news - he's a big brother!
can't wait to meet the new little Hale kiddo!!! :D

Saturday, January 25, 2014

New Years at the Schattes

For New Years, Sam and I spend the night at the Schatte's, playing games, laughing and talking! :)
And yes, we stayed up til midnight and Steven had bought some firecrackers that he shot off!!! 

Danny being usual! ;)

We played a game where everyone gets a piece of paper and pen, set a timer for 1 minute, and everyone starts a story. Then when the time is up, you fold over all but the last line, and pass it to the next person. Reset the timer, and continue the story! There were quite some hilarious stories when we were done!!!

Then at midnight, we all headed out to watch Steven set of fireworks

That was really fun!!!

Then we did some sparklers...which are really hard to get clear pictures of! :)

The next day, we all went to Bek and Steven's and got a family picture!

Heading out to the train tracks

S&B's apartment 

Faith and Lizzy telling us what to do....

Then we walked to a park nearby for more pictures...and then some tennis! 

Uncle Sam and Danny

Playing tennis

Sam and Lizzy

Rachel and Faith

the onlookers were rather distracted by a cute nephew....

The Schatte family - 2014

Rachel, Lizzy, Esther, Faith, Andrew
Samuel & Esther(and baby), Mom & Dad, Daniel, Rebekah & Steven

Samuel & Esther(and baby), Rachel, Esther, Andrew, Lizzy, Faith, Rebekah, Steven & Daniel
(Mom and Dad's hands)

Monday, January 6, 2014

Christmas with the Hales

Monday, Samuel and I headed out to my family's house to spend Christmas Eve with them :)

David and Amy came over for the evening, and we watched Secondhand Lions, and played with Bobby :)
I didn't take very many pictures, but I'll share the ones I have.

Daddy and the tower that he built.... :)

Bobby loves to ride in Great-Grandma's walker!!!

and watching his Uncle play ping pong

Christmas Eve breakfast

Bobby enjoying his breakfast

Jack, Rachel and the girls showed up that morning

the kiddos playing with dominoes 

Andrew was amusing Anna by putting a domino on his nose, and then flip it into his mouth

Anna Joy

Opening stockings and gifts

Anna, Rachel, Jack and Bella

Amy, Mommy and Bobby(and Peter's feet)

Peter and David

Bobby loves his Grandma

Reading Luke 2

Andrew, Anna, Jack, Rachel and Bella

Daddy's new shirt from Amy! :D

Mommy, Bobby and Andrew
(Bobby didn't care much for the gifts...he just liked the box :) )

Mommy gave Daddy this wagon to give rides to the grandkids :D

It was quite a big hit!