Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Adele Jean Benner!!!

January 11th at 9:28am
8lbs 11oz

Isn't she a doll? I think now we need to make a trip up north to see her! ;)
Emma loves looking at pictures of her new cousin, and we got to skype with them earlier today! :D


Ok, so catching up...I'm just going to post random pics and put captions on them...

Mark and Hillary had a small party for Mark's 25th birthday

Will and Emma...3 days apart

Some cute pictures of Emma

One morning, we went early to church to Faith, Liz, and Sam could play and sing together before the girls left for SE Asia

The Schattes came to my family's house for lunch and volleyball, and on the way there, we stopped for a picture in the bluebonnets

the one that made the on mantle :)


resting between games
Hannah and Bobby...He loves playing with balls!

I took this picture and then realized Sam looked rather...dead....

...so he did this.... ;)

chatting...one of the things we do best! :)

my niece, Anna

Some Hutchins came later in the evening

Mommy put Emma to sleep

This is one of my all time favorite pictures of Samuel and Emma! :D

Our First Anniversary

I know, this is kind of old news...seeing as it's only a few months til our second one, but I wanted to post about it anyhow! :) One of my New Years resolutions is to do better and catch up on some blogging...

So, for our anniversary, we couldn't go to far, because Emma was already two days over due, but we spend the night at the Hilton on the lake in Rockwall! We were going to go on a boat ride around the lake, but the ride got cancelled, so instead we walked around Bass Pro Shops...the first time either of us had been there. It was really neat! 

Some funny signs we saw...

lets just say we had babies on the brain...although we were both convinced at the time that Emma was going to be a boy....

the animals



the view out over the lake

Then we headed over to the hotel...sorry, this picture refused turn over!

Sunday afternoon, we walked sown to the harbor...it's pretty sad how low the lake is....

us in front of the lighthouse

my handsome husband!

soooo blessed to be married to this guy!

on the way home, this was flying around Dallas....

'twas a rather fun weekend...hope we get to do a lot more of those!!! ;)