Who we are

Welcome to our bog!!!!

We are Samuel and Esther Schatte!!!
A wee bit of introduction and what we mean to do with this blog:

First and foremost, we are just two redeemed sinners serving a Great and awesome God!!!

We've know each other practically our whole lives...Samuel had just turned eight, and Esther was about to turn eight. We were always good friends...The Schattes taught the Hales how to play volleyball, and we've spend many a fun day playing all afternoon and into the evening. 

Samuel asked Esther's father if he could start a courtship with her Aug '11, and after much prayer and talking with Samuel and his parents, Esther's Parents told her and asked what she thought. Esther had already been praying about Samuel, but didn't think anything like this would happen this soon! 
We 'officially' started courting Nov. 25th '11 and thus started an almost year long courtship...the Lord was very good to us, and taught us many valuable lessons(some the hard way) that we will treasure our whole lives!!!

On November 3rd '12, Samuel took Esther out flying and to a lovely picnic and then asked her to marry him, to which she answered 'Yes!!!'

We got married March 9th, in a beautiful ceremony, surrounded by the sweetest, awesomest and the most wonderful family and friends anyone could ask for!

July 7th, we found out that we are expecting our first arrow, due March 7th!!! 
Needless to say, we are very excited and looking forward to being parents! 

Samuel feels called to be a missionary pilot with MAF and has been working very hard to get the qualifications it takes. He graduated Valedictorian from Aviation Institute of Maintenance Aug '12 and got his A&P license in the two weeks from his last class day and when he walked the stage and got his diploma!!! 
He got his Privet Pilot License three weeks before our wedding, and he is working on getting his Instrument rating. 

Our goal with this Blog is so you can keep up with what's going on in our lives, and keep you posted with prayer requests, and please let us know how we can pray for you!!!

And now, a smattering of pictures: 

Some of the Hale and Schatte children in '04

Samuel at School

Our first picture together after we started courting

A friend of ours has a plane and took us up in it :)

Hale family
Samuel and Esther, Hannah, Mommy and Daddy, Sarah, Jack and Rachel (and Anna)
Grandma, Andrew, Daniel
David and Amy(and Robert) and Peter

Schatte family
Samuel and Esther, Andrew, Esther, Dad and Mom, Steven and Rebekah
Lizzy, Rachel and Faith

At Samuel's Graduation

At the hanger where Samuel worked at Addison Airport

When Samuel got his A&P License

At Samuel's sister Rebekah's Wedding

With Esther's little cousin, Glory


singing around a campfire with our families to celebrate our engagement

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Schatte!!!

On our honeymoon to the Grand Canyon! :)

The shirt Sam wore to announce our baby! :)

How excellent is thy lovingkindness,
O God!
therefore the children of men
put their trust
under the shadow of thy wings.
~Psalm 36:7~

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